Crawl Space Water Damage

​When most people think of water, there’s a good chance that they think of it as a vital resource for life. While this is very true, there is another side to water that a lot of people don’t think about.

Of course, water is incredibly important for staying healthy and hydrated, and water plays an enormous role in keeping plants, farms, and livestock healthy and hydrated, but there’s more to water than this. 

​Crawl Space Water Damage

In some cases, water can be incredibly destructive, costing you thousands of dollars in repairs, if the damage can be repaired at all. You might be wondering how exactly this happens and what places are the most susceptible to becoming damaged in this fashion. For any homeowner, understanding the dangers and aspects of water damage is crucial to keeping your home protected.

What Causes Water Damage, and What Places Are in the Most Danger?

Understandably, water damage is caused by excess water pooling in an area that is not well protected from water particularly water in a basement.

This can happen if there is an issue in your plumbing pipes, such as a break or a leak, or if there is a storm and your house is not well protected. This can also happen with floods, and it is one of the biggest reasons that floods are so dangerous for households.

As for the places that are the most susceptible to becoming water-damaged, these will generally be places that are underground, separated from the main body of your house, or places that have no protection against flooding. 

A perfect example of this would be a crawl space. More often than not, crawl spaces don’t have much in the way of protection when it comes to water. Because of this, if there is a heavy storm, a flood, or a combination of the two, there is a very good chance that your crawl space will become water damaged.

To protect your crawl space against this, you should first understand the signs and sources of water damage, especially for crawl spaces.

Where Does Crawl Space Water Come From? 

Of course, there are going to be the obvious sources of water that can leak into your crawl space. If your house is located in a zone that is prone to flooding, then a flash flood could be a very likely reason that your crawl space has become flooded and water damaged.

Similarly, if your crawl space is not well protected against rainwater leaking in, then a heavy storm can easily cause water damage to the ceiling and walls of the crawl space. Aside from this, there are several other causes of crawl space water damage that you will need to pay attention to.

Some of these sources will have to do with your plumbing system and problems with that. For example, if a sewer drain has leaked, you can probably expect that your crawl space has been afflicted with both water and sewage damage.

If a kitchen disposal unit has a leakage, you can also expect your crawl space to be water damaged.

There are several other sources of damage that you will need to be wary of as well. If there is too much water coming from the sprinklers, or if the sprinklers are going off too frequently, that water can easily leak into a crawl space, causing water damage over time.

Downspouts from gutters that have been directed poorly can also be a cause for water damage in your crawl space. Finally, if there is a groundwater table above the crawl space, this is more than enough reason to believe that this is a source of water damage.

Now that you understand more about where water damage can come from, you should also begin looking at ways that you can prevent water damage from happening.

How Do You Remedy This Problem?

There are a few different ways that you can go about fixing the problem. For example, if you have already noticed that there is extensive water damage going on in your crawl space, you will need to get it restored as soon as you can.

When you choose to get the damage restored, you might want to consider talking about ways that the professionals can strengthen the restoration against future water damage, especially if you are in a place that is prone to water damage, such as a flood zone.

Generally, this will cost a bit of money, which is something to pay attention to, but it can also mean a more permanent solution to your issues with water damage in your crawl space. This is one of the best ways that you can remedy such a problem.

If there is a way that you can prevent the problem, such as fixing your plumbing system, altering your sprinklers, fixing your gutters, and making sure that you are not watering your plants too much, you should always make sure to take care of this.

While it will not prevent the issue of your crawl space being prone to water damage, it will make sure that your crawl space is not being damaged by things that you have complete control over. In the long run, it will save you money when you do not have to restore your crawl space more frequently.

Finally, there is the matter of preventing the issue altogether. When you know that your crawl space is prone to becoming flooded with water, there are a few things that you can do to remedy it.

For one, you can get professionals to install some sump pumps. These sump pumps are designed to prevent water pooling on the floor of your crawl space, causing damage. You can also consider adding a dehumidifier to your crawl space.

As the name suggests, it is also designed to make sure that there is less water in the air to damage your crawl space with. If it is possible, depending on the nature of your crawl space, you can also consider adding ventilation fans.

These will help prevent the water from damaging your crawl space, and in combination with these other methods, will drastically reduce the severity of any water damage that you might have in your crawl space. These are just a few of the things that you can do to help manage, prevent, and remedy water damage in your crawl space.

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